Come ye, all ye everywhere, to the fair!


June in San Diego typically marks a number of things: “June Gloom”, Tourist Season, tourists complaining about “June Gloom”, and the San Diego County Fair. No other time of the year can you impress your friends by eating deep fried butter and feel accomplished about it. My advice? Try not to worry about that tingling sensation in your arm. Chances are, you’re  not having a stroke, but it’s your body’s way of warning you to not eat that again! Also on the deep fried list this year: Cool-Aid, brownies, cookie dough, and a Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe sandwich!?!?!?!


My friend, Chicken Little, was able to score a pack of tickets, parking, ride and game passes through work. We decided to go last night because my schedule through June is just crazy with friend visitations and upcoming travel. It’s actually kind of sad that I could only find 1 night to go to the fair out of the whole month of June, but that’s a story for another post. I met Chicken Little relatively recently, and he has quickly become a really good friend. Honestly, it’s just easy. There are no expectations, no pretenses….we accept each other for who were are. Whenever I say one of my off the cuff and inappropriate comments (which I’m prone to do), I sheepishly look at CL, he grins at me, and we break into hysterical fits of laughter. Usually that time of friendship takes years to develop, but ours took hours.

Chicken Little and I g0t to the fair with relative ease. There is something to be said about going on a June Gloom Tuesday at  4 pm, and that is…do it. The crowds were minor, and the whole fair was easy to navigate. CL put it another way, “I guess not a lot of people like REO Speedwagon.” Valid point. The band was putting on a free concert that evening. I have to confess, we googled them to see what songs they played. I also have to confess that CL and I had a major geek out session when we first walked into the fair because there was a Star Trek exhibit! CL saw “Into Darkness” and loved it, so I have been continuing his ST education by making (forcing? chinese water torturing?) him watch the older movies. Anyway, the exhibit was fun and mostly contained mockup displays of “The Next Generation” sets. There was a bridge set from “The Original Series”, and you were able to sit in Kirk’s chair. Sadly, pictures were as out-lawed as Romulan ale, so no smoldering pic of me in the Captain’s chair.

The fair contained the usual suspects: games, rides, deep fried goodness, cows (I can’t tell you how many times the phrase “look at the set on that one” was uddered – haha get it?), poultry, and jacuzzis…yep jacuzzis.  After Star Trek, we crossed the farm animals off the must see list. There were a wide range of cows, goats, sheep, and assorted fowl that I personal thought would have looked better on my plate then in a cage. Here’s a pic of two adorable baby calves:


After the animals, we hit up the rides. I’m an amusement park junky and will pretty much ride anything. Chicken Little? Not so much, and this is where he earned his nickname. “Ooo,” I was giddily shout, “Let’s ride that.” “How about you ride that and I’ll hold your camera,” CL would reply. As I am pretty much relentless, I was determined to get him on a ride no matter what. So what did I pick? The tallest, bad-est, wildest ride in all of fairdom…this bad

It spun you up in a circle all while your car was spinning from the G forces. Ironically, Chicken Little loved it and I didn’t. I also got CL on a version of the Hell Hole, one of my all time favorites. You enter into a saucer shaped vehicle with 50 of your closest friends, and hope that they don’t barf. The saucer spins s0 fast, that you’re plastered against the wall and then your wall section (on rollers) moves up and down. There were kids turning themselves upside down and climbing the wall. We both loved it!

After a brief walk around, we decided it was time to clog our arteries. As far as fair grub goes, we played it relatively safe, deciding to split Deep Fried Kool Aid and Chicken Fingers with fried Onion Rings and Zucchini. Since many of you have asked in other forums, the Kool Aid is basically dough, mixed with cherry Kool Aid and deep fried. It’s very subtle, but really delicious with a nice pink hue.


While we were waiting for hearts to forgive us, CL asked me about my Nikon 3100. Lately I’ve been playing a lot in manual mode, so I gave him a brief explanation of the settings. What followed was an impromptu photo shoot. We each took turns trying out head shots. CL’s came out better than mine, but he was a quick learner. I’m sure everyone around us thought we were nuts, though.


After dinner, it was time to hit up the carnie games. Turns out I’m a bit of a shark. First up was one of those bounce a ping pong ball into a cup of water games. We both won, and both got fish (sadly not gold). Somehow I adopted both and they are sitting in a vase upstairs as I write this, currently still alive. I told CL that we needed to work on his co-parenting skills. Next up, Dart Tic-Tac-Toe…3 darts, 3 balloons, one chance at glory.


You would never believe the pressure: 2 down, 1 to go.


In the words of Fat Amy, “Nailed It.” Sadly, lightening did not strike twice.


Lastly we hit up one of those shot water at a target race games. Yup, won that one too. DSC_0030

So we started to leave the fair with two more fish, two more stuffed animals, and a lot more artery blockage then when we came in. But wait! I know what you’re going to say. The jacuzzis! Where do the jacuzzis fit in? I can hear you now, “I read this entire post just on the chance that I might see you shirtless in a jacuzzi! What gives?” they are:


The San Diego Fair has a couple of buildings where vendors can come sell their wares. There is anything from fudge to whisks to sham-wows. One building is dedicated to home type things and the display of jacuzzis is alway choice. Who doesn’t like looking at jacuzzis and day dreaming of one in their yard, or in my case, my living room, since I don’t have a yard.

All in all, the fair was a pretty great experience. There is a little something for everyone. If you live in San Diego, make sure you check it out. If you don’t, try one of your local fairs for a similar experience.


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