By way of introduction


I believe that every blog should serve a purpose: a way to inspire, a creative outlet, a chance to increase awareness, a dialogue starter….just to name a few. Ironic that I don’t yet know what I want my blog to be about, and it may end up be a combination of all of those things. Part of the fun of this journey is seeing where it will take me.

First off, a little bit about me. I’m a 32 year old, gay male living in San Diego. I’ve been living in San Diego for two years now, and for the most part, I love it. Part of this blog will focus on my adventures in SoCal and abroad (one thing you will quickly learn is that I love to travel). Of course, I can’t talk about my life without mentioning friends and family. In an effort to protect said friends and family, names will be changed.

Another big focus of the blog will be my own struggles with homosexuality. What do I mean by that? Well to start, I like to think that I am completely comfortable with who I am, and I try not to let being gay define me. That said, society in general and the gay culture constantly want to put me back in that box. Therein lies the struggle. I also struggle because I don’t fit into what I would consider to be the gay culture norms. I rarely drink, I don’t find the bars and clubs enjoyable, I don’t hookup with a lot of random people, and surprisingly I want a family.

Are these gross generalizations and stereotypes? Yes. Are there others like me out there? Yes. In the age of Gindr, these like minded people are harder and harder to find. As much as technology connects us, it equally drives us apart. However, stereotypes do exist for a reason. Part of my own struggle is how to move past those stereotypes both within myself and those around me. I’ll try to cover the good, the bad, and the ugly. I want to focus on both the positive and the negative all the while following the advice from my good friend Knight, “Don’t get too cynical.”

So there we have it…a start.


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